Dealing with my Homies

I have to say right from the start that I am feeling frustrated. I am a dance director at the church I grew up in. You may notice I wrote the last part of that sentence in bold because it is important and you’ll see why if you stay with me. I took over the dance group from the previous leader who moved away.

It has been a struggle to keep the group connected. I find that the parents are not supportive of my efforts but expect me to honor my commitment as leader. The children ask to create dances and have leadership positions in the group but then they don’t follow through on their commitments. When I was a child my mother told me it was important to honor your commitment but I find that those lessons are not usually taught to children today.

That’s the part that frustrates me the most —not honoring commitments but expecting the rewards. I have been reading the Bible daily and I came to Mark 6:1-6 where Jesus went to his home town and home synagogue and tried to work with the people there. He was not supported by the members many of whom he grew up with. They worked against him in many cases and showed lack of faith and commitment.  Jesus was only able to do a few miracles at his hometown.

I never really understood that message until now when I am also trying to lead a group from my home church. I can emphasize with the frustration that Jesus felt.  He said “A prophet is honored everywhere except his hometown and with his own people and in his own home.” verse 4 The chapter then goes on to say the Jesus left and went to other villages and the people were more open to him. Jesus gave those other villages the rewards and healing.

Sometimes we all have to move on but we still feel sad that we couldn’t make it work at our home church with our homeboys or homegirls. I’m at the stage where I am wondering if it is time for me to move on. I ask my online friends to pray with me on this.


2 Responses

  1. Although I am not in the church in which I grew up, I have heard others recount this same experience.

  2. Hey Mrs. Candace. This is impressive

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