Networking 101

I want to give a big shout out to my friend Geri who introduced me to two amazing dancers last night. Gail is what is called a Warrior Dancer. She is a teacher with a vast knowledge on the use of praise garments. Quincy Pronker is a wonderful young man who runs his own Christian dance studio  Work of Art Dance Theatre with his mother Gerda.  As dancers and leaders we were all on the same page about the importance of the Biblical teaching in liturgical dancing.

The girls in the class were excellent. They were dancing to a fast paced Kirk Franklin song.  Quincy wanted us to meet at his school so that I could get an  what they do at the Art of Dance in New Brunswick. I also met another dance leader at his studio Leilah Bower.  We also exchanged numbers.  Leilah instructs at the studio and is in the productions.

The students are taught dance from a Biblical perspective. His company is made up of three segments:  the dance school,  the junior company and his professional company. I am going to ask him if I can post a few photos from his Christmas show. But you can check out his Website at:

It is my hope that Quincy can be a part of Why We Dance 2010. If he can’t he said he will send someone in his place.  I love liturgical dance and if you haven’t seen it looks like modern dance with ballet sprinkled in.  I will be posting excerpts from our dance program so that you can see the dancing.

I have been asked to work with a community group and bring dance to them. I had previously wrote how they want to do hiphop and love the dancing that comes from the videos. I was uncomfortable with that aspect but I wanted to keep an open mind so I did some research.

The song lyrics overall are extremely sexual in content and the videos depict relationship (and I use that word loosely) between people in the most shallow way. There is a lot of club scenes and house parties in these videos. I really didn’t feel I would be able to put away these images to give the students what they want.

The meeting I had with Quincy, Gail and Geri helped me see that I needed to give those students what they need.  All of these individuals were encouraging and offered to be a resource to me. Quincy has invited the community girls to visit one of his classes. These teenage girls are the same age as the community students so I know they can relate. I plan to talk to the community leader about this invitation when I see her tonight.

After our meeting even though the hour was late I was refreshed.  Sometimes as leaders we need to have a meeting of the minds to refresh ourselves.


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