Helping Our Neighbors

In the midst of playing Why We Dance 2010 I was watching the news. It seemed like an ordinary evening and was absorbed in my own problem. Then I caught the first reports of an earthquake in Haiti. It was brief and the newcasters didn’t convey the gravity of the situation. Fast forward a few hours and the true devastation was revealed.

The capitol city Port au Prince was destroyed by the earthquake and thousands not hundreds as earlier reported are feared missing or dead.

Some reports say 100,000 people cannot be accounted for. before this tragic event Haiti is a poor country in the Caribbean and this earthquake said to be a 7 on the scale has made the situation worse. Haiti hasn’t seen an earthquake this bad in more than 200 years. Facebook, CNN and Twitter are filled with images of hurt people.

The news report I watched last night advised people to be careful when donating. The Red Cross was listed as a reputable place to send money to help the people in Haiti. The American Red Cross was listed as a reputable place among others. I have copied a link below that has information on how we a community can help out neighbors in Haiti get through this.

Helping Our Neighbors in Haiti


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