Being a Good Friend

This past week I left my power chord to my computer at a friend’s house. I didn’t realize it until I got home so I missed a few dance of posting. I am so glad to be back online.

One of the aspects of Martin Luther King Jr’s life that I really appreciate is that he was a good friend and a good neighbor. Many of us see needs in today’s times but we do little if anything about it. We don’t realize that small acts can really help others. Dr. King was a good neighbor by trying to improve the lives of people. He was murdered trying to help others.

There was segregation and blatant hatred in his lifetime. But that didn’t stop Dr. King from doing his part and organizing supports to help out fellow man. Dr. King was known for being a great speaker and I love hear his I Have a Dream speech. However Dr. King didn’t just talk the talk he walked the walk literally. Those marches opened doors that I see everyday. The most obvious is our new president Barack Obama.

Dr. King was proactive without being aggressive. He kept his eyes on the prize even in the most daunting obstacles.

I think about that while I am planning Why We Dance 2010. There have been so many obstacles in terms of money, support and planning. But I am emulating my friend Dr. King and keeping my eye on the prize despite everything else. I never met Dr. King, never saw him speak live but I feel his presence when I think about all the wonderful things I am able to enjoy due to his sacrifice.

My education at a top school, eating at any restaurant I want, having friends from diverse backgrounds even the right to vote comes from the sacrifices of our ancestors. I believe that putting on a free dance program that teaches and encourages praise dancing will help others.

Dr. King never gave up and neither will I.


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