Go Ask the King

This may seem like a strange title for a blog post but it is something that I did when planning the Why We Dance conferences. As Christians were are required to submit our plans to the Lord to guarantee their success. Unfortunately many of us forget this important step. The results are usually what we and more importantly God did not intend. I want to be in God’s plan and I need and want his approval.

Why We Dance: Reaching the Hip-Hop Generation speaks to our youth. There is such a disconnect between our children and their elders. We pacify them too long. Many ask ‘What do you mean pacify? We gave that pacifier away when our child was (insert number here) months.’

Sadly that is not true because instead of giving them the plastic nipple we use other things to keep them quiet. These electronic devices separates us from our children. We lose our influence over them and waste opportunities to teach them about the Lord or about how God helped us through.
Need more examples of how we pacify our youth? Check out my list below:

  • We pacify them with electronic games.
  • We pacify them with cell phones.
  • We pacify them with IPods.
  • We pacify them with PCs and Macs.
  • February was deemed Black History Month. I wonder how many of us have shared our personal history. In a previous post I mentioned that few of the dancers could recognize African-American dance pioneers. This is so sad and needs to change.
    One of the goals for Why We Dance 2010 is have a teaching and sharing environment. I have gone to God with prayer and fasting asking for guidance on the conference in every aspect of the planning.
    I know that if I want success and to please God that I must ask Him for help.
    Why We Dance 2010 will be a success because during the planning I asked King Jesus for help. The Bible says he will always answer and show us the way.

    Tips for Planning a Successful Dance Conference

  • Make sure you pray about every aspect of the conference
  • Conference coordinators should daily pray and ask others to pray
  • Prayer changes things and is our lifeline to God.
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