Put It in God’s Hands

An email from a sister in the ministry sent me into a tailspin. I was not sure the plans I made were going to stick. I wanted things to go my way but then I remembered who was really in charge. As long as God gets the glory and the participants of Why We Dance 2010 are spiritually fed things are well. All I had to do was put it (control of the situation) in God’s Hands.

There is so much that goes into planning a conference. There is so much that goes into working with our youth.

I’ve heard all the negative talk about our youth but I have made a vow not just talk about it but be about it. We have to encourage our children. We have to let them know that we love them. We have to let them know that we care. We have to let them know that we hear them.

Some of my best ideas come from working with youth. This past Sunday my youngest dancers ministered. One woman came up to me and said she hoped more dancers would come out. She had such a look of pity on her face. I felt bad for her. God used the two little girls with their pure innocent hearts to reach the masses.

When we put it in God’s hands we have to be willing to accept the outcome. I put the dance ministry in His hands and most of my dancers left. God was showing me that though these girls are young (elementary aged) they have a heart for the Lord. During this season when they were the only representatives of the youth dance ministry several important things took place.

  • These dancers increased their confidence. They didn’t need the bigger kids to validate them.
  • These dancers were able to express themselves without the fear of rebuke.
  • Everyone who saw them dance witnessed a miracle. God is listening and He does care.
  • When I received that email I allowed fear to come through. It was my good friend Fay who told me to put it all in God’s Hands because He will send me the right people to serve. It may not be who or what I expect but I must be open to it.

    Tips for Planning a Conference.

  • Trust in the Lord and Lean not to your own understanding.

  • (Proverbs is a powerful book and can help navigate threw life’s often choppy waters.


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