Learning How To Wait

By nature I am an impatient person.
I want what I want when I want it. Impatience is not a good quality to have as it can drive you to do many things that aren’t good. I often move too fast, lose things and waste time searching for those lost things. I often than not push away the urge to become impatient.

Reading my Bible helps a lot. It also made me realize that I am not alone with my impatience traits. Human being have been trying to rush situations since man began. One example is Sarah the wife of Abraham.

Sarah was promised a but she became impatient with the Lord when he didn’t move on her time. She decided to “help” the Lord so she came up with her own solution instead of waiting for God. Sadly Sarah and I are not alone. People in general don’t know how to wait for God.

I thought I had everything wrapped up with the Why We Dance 2010 conference. Then I found out that one aspect of it wasn’t going to go as I planned. There were two actions that I could take. I could make myself sick with worry. Or I could just wait it out and expect God to make a way.

At first impatience was in the lead. I was in agony. I paced. I called all my friends. Finally I just went to bed. The rational side of me said that a good night’s sleep would be be good. But I felt in my heart that God was late again. I read in Proverbs that we must submit our plans to God to ensure their success. I prayed over my conference and gave it to God.

It is so hard to give up control. These little tests in life are in preparation for something better. I thought of all the times I had surrendered situations and even though there were dark moments everything had turned out fine. That thought was on my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I got an email from another leader who wanted to help me out. Praise the Lord. My friend Fay says God always has a ram in the bush. When I submitted this Why We Dance conference to him He took control. All I had to do was wait.

Tonight I learned is waiting can be a good thing.

Tips on How to Plan a Conference.

  • Make sure you’re flexible in your planning. No matter how hard you plan situation arise outside of your control and you have to go with the flow
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