Preparation Prevents (most) Problems

Sometimes I wish my life could be a television sitcom. Everything neatly wrapped up in exactly 30 minutes sans commercials. However, there really aren’t any overnight successes. The only way to get results to plan.

The planning process starts with prayer. It is important to surround yourself with strong prayer warriors who believe God and the vision. These people are vital because when the pressures get too much these prayer warriors will help keep you focused.

I wrote earlier that we have to submit things to God but we can’t stop there. We must plan and then wait on God to see if our plans are in order of what God wants. Waiting is hard but working with people who don’t understand your vision is worse.

I just finished reading the account of Moses. He sent out spies to the promised land. All the spies Moses sent out gave a negative report and frightened the Israelites except for two brave souls, Caleb and Joshua. These men had faith to stand on God’s promises. They believed that if God was for you no one, thing, person, weapon could ever win against you.

Reading Exodus really has opened my eyes on what it means to have faith despite your circumstances. These men lived as nomads as refugees. They couldn’t physically see the promised land and had tot totally trust in God.

This is still true today. We have to believe whatever vision God has given us. It is in that state of believe that we can prepare ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically for the job God has given us to do.

Joshua and Caleb were determined to believe God’s words despite. God blessed these men and allowed them to see the promised land while others in their generation died off. It is so important to have faith with your preparation. God will lead you and bring you to the right path if you stay focus on the goal.

Tips for Planning a Successful Dance Conference

  • Stay focused on the vision that God has given you.
  • When you have faith