The Ram in the Bush

We are often surprised when we find obstacles when working on God’s vision. As soon as we dedicate our lives to the Lord problems start to arise. There is a proverb that says ‘the devil don’t mess with his own.’

When setbacks come up in our work we should pray about them. I am planning a dance conference for March 27, 2010. I spoke with my pastor and got approvals before I sent letters to businesses asking for donations. Somehow the message didn’t get to others at the church. Businesses were calling and getting confused signals.

This was a major setback. I was very upset because I thought that I had failed. Then one of the other organizers said “Don’t be discouraged when these things happen because what you can’t do God will do.”
She was so right because someone else got me the flyers and others volunteered to email them out to their lists.

What I thought was a huge setback was a reason for God to show me that He is in control. I don’t have to worry about the success of my project because I dedicated this event to Him.

Why We Dance 2010 will bring together children from various backgrounds. They will learn, fellowship and eat together. It will be a great day and people will come out to support this event.

This experience taught me to look for the ram in the bush. When we dedicate our lives and projects to God he has a way of working it out in unexpected ways. He did it for Abraham who was in need of something to sacrifice and found a ram in the bush.

So after you dedicate you projects and lives to the Lord and you see setbacks don’t get discouraged instead look for the ram in the bush.

Click on link below to see the flyer for this event:


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