Finding Where God Wants to Use You

Hello Family! It has been great hearing from everyone. The Greater Allen Cathedral Worship 2010 Conference was awesome and I am so glad that I sacrificed and attended. I am forever changed and I can’t wait to use what I learned with my group.

Rita Davis and daughter

Rita Davis and her daughter at St. Albens Park

Dancers praising the Lord with beautiful colors

I received an email from a woman who loves to dance but is discouraged because she hasn’t found her niche. I can totally relate with that because God has closed a door on what I was doing in praise dance ministry but there is the window. My window happens to be a dance group I started at the local community center. Many of our youth need somewhere to go and learn. I am using this group to spread the love of God to our children.

I would suggest to this reader that if she isn’t able to do praise dancing in her church she might consider volunteering at a community centers. They are always looking for speakers and presenters. However before she does anything else I would suggest that she pray. Prayer changes things and if you fast and pray you will really get God’s attention. I find that submitting my plans to the Lord brings me peace and success.

God expects us to share our gifts and to be flexible. Many of us,and I include myshelf in this, only what to share on our terms. This doesn’t work with God. He may ask that you go into unfamiliar territory (remember the story of Jonah) and be a voice of the voiceless (Moses who was shy at first to speak up to Pharoh).

Dance is a much a communication as other art forms. Our movement conveys a message to the audience and as dancers and dance leaders must always be flexible to what God what us wants us to do.

Please share some other ideas and pray for this reader who is feeling discouraged about her gift. I will be addressing an issue brought to my attention by another reader who is looking for dance schools in the Northern New Jersey area. Feel free to send me a request for information or prayer if you need help with something. This blog was created as a way to share ideas and to encourage each other.


Greater Allen Cathedral Worship Conference 2010

I am so happy that I went to the Greater Allen Cathedral Worship Conference 2010 at the Greater Allen Cathedral in Jamaica Queens, New York (July 28-August 1, 2010). I went to the conference to get ideas about praise dancing, network with other dancers and leaders and just be poured into. Those of you who lead dance ministries can understand that sometimes being the leader is very draining.

Everyone at the conference was so friendly. I made contacts throughout the country and abroad. The instructors at this event were excellent. Attendees were given the opportunity to take technical dance classes, learn choreography and participate in several praise events including one that took place in the St. Albans park.

I came on Wednesday to register. The Reverend, Doctor Floyd Flake greeted everyone in the room. Rev. Flake is the shepard of the Greater Allen Cathedral. He was friendly and seemed very happy with the visitors. I really enjoyed hanging out in the bookstore. Ms. Yvonne Hunter helped me with my registration on the phone and she was so genuine and helpful.

I went into this conference extremely drained but I was started to feel a whole lot better the first day. The conference was set up so that participants took classes during the day and then attended worship services that night. Most of the attendees stayed a various hotels but my money situation didn’t allow me to do this. I missed the first day of worship services. I understand that Rev. Marvin Winans gave a great message

While attending a workshop lead by on Thursday I met a praying warrior. I was speaking with Catherine Q and telling her that I so wanted to attend the evening services but didn’t have anyone to get on the train back home. Catherine prayed with me and the presenter Naimah Lett. Ms. Lett is an actress and producer and a Christian. She talked about how to include drama in your dance ministry. I was so moved by her testimony and workshop.

Naimah has performed a one woman play and appeared in many television shows and movies. You can check out her site to learn more about this beautiful sister. I understand she is writing a book and I can’t wait to read it. I will be letting you guys know more about this because I signed up to be on her email list.

I didn’t think any more of the prayer. I just left my request with God and continued on my way. Not 15 minutes later while I was at lunch did I find someone who lived only a few minutes from me and who offered to pick me up and take me home each day of the conference. I was astounded and moved by how quickly that prayer had been answered. That was my second blessing regarding this conference.

Nikita really helped heal my heart and I want to thank her for helping me out this way.

I plan to include more tips and ideas I learned from the conference and would welcome hearing from you. please come back for more updates and to check out my photos.