A new beginning

The saying goes that when God closes a door He opens up a window. As a dance leader of a church I never expected to move into another direction. I am now leading a dance group at the Westfield Neighborhood Council. It has been a slow start but we are starting to pick up. The classes are offered on Tuesday nights at the center.

Participants of all ages are welcome to attend. The cost is minimal and goes toward to payment of costumes. I did some price comparisons. We are charging $5 a lesson and some dance studios charge $15-$20 a lesson. Each month we cover a different segment of dance and we have an expert come and teach the classes.

Our first presenter was Kathleen McMahon who talked about her trip to Burandi in Africa. She was a hospice nurse and she danced with the patients there. She brought her beautiful outfits, scarfs and instruments. I learned so much from her class and I have a greater appreciation for everything.

The students in the class were able to try on the different outfits. It was a great experience.

All of those in the New Jersey/New York areas should check an African Dance Festival taking place on Saturday, November 13 at Newark Symphony Hall. It is the Wofabe Dance Festival and you can take classes or see the performance. Check out their site for more information