Brother Cedric Miller

A group of djembe drums.

Master drummer Cedric Miller will be at the Westfield Neighborhood Council on Tuesday, December 7, 2010. The event is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. Brother Miller teaches drummer in several school districts including Adelaide L. Sanford Charter in Newark, N.J.

Brother Cedric will focus on the role of drumming in African-American music and dance. Brother Cedric a professional musician who has traveled all over the world drumming for international audiences. Miller is an artist-at-residence at Adelaide L. Sanford Charter School where he teaches elementary students to drum. He is also a third generation drummer.

Brother Cedric playing the drums

This includes participating in Kwanzaa, Black History Month and assemblies at the school. Brother Cedric starts teaching students as young as 5 how to drum. The school does the empowerment circle in the Lincoln Park as part of their morning routine.

Brother Cedric Miller demonstrating his drumming technique

Brother Cedric will be talking about the djembe drums and their significance in African culture. He will be demonstrating drumming techniques and giving insight of the role drums play in America.


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