Holding on to God When Things Turn Out Different Than Intended

Faith in God Sign Often times God doesn’t reveal why he does or allows things to happen in our lives. But if we learn to hold on to him and not get discouraged when thing turn out different than intended we will learn something and sometimes get a blessing.
I planned my dance event for weeks and then at the last minute the presenter cancelled. I was devasted. I had promised the group that I would have someone to come to my class and drum. I was embarassed because this had never happened to me before.
It seemed that whenever I go on a journey to serve the Lord bad things happen. My interior car lights went out one of my co-workers was giving me trouble and now this. Then I heard a whisper that said “Be Still and Know That I Am God.”
I went on with my dance class and the people came and we had a great evening. I added on to the dance numbers and a rough plan was made to create a Youtube video.
God was letting me know that He was in control and as the old folks would say “One monkey don’t make the show.” I was forced to rely totally on him and for that I was blessed.
Please remember to always put your faith in the Lord.

Prayer requests: Please ask the Lord to heal Darren and guide the doctors hand for the surgery he has scheduled for Tuesday.

Please also prayer for T’s dad who is having some medically difficulties. She is a girl that I work with in school.


One Response

  1. i agree with you. Sometimes we plan things and it doesn’t work out. There is a saying in Jamaica it states while man’s planning, God’s erasing (loosely translated). We sometime think we know whats best but when you are a true believer, God always protest you. One of my favor thing to say is God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. So by continuing with your class you had a good time without your guest. That’s God way of showing you how blessed you are.

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