A Fresh Start

Happy New YearI love when a new year comes in because I can make an assessment of the previous year and make changes. It has been widely reported that most people don’t keep their New Years Resolutions. My belief is that we are excited by the new year but quickly get hampered by the aftermath of the holidays, the snow/cold and feelings of melancholy.

It has been suggested that writing down our goals and putting them in a spot where we can see them helps us stay on track. I am going to share some of my goals with you readers.

#1 Make it my business to learn something new each week. (This could be from a course, free class at the library, an article or another person.)

#2 Network, network, network! Who you know will be so vital in 2011. Networking can help with getting a job, getting information and getting other things. Linkedin is a going to be huge this year.

#3 Taking care of me. This means watching all the sugar, fat and junk I put in my temple. No more stress eating!

#4 Dance, dance, dance! I teach dance once a week but I am going to be doing more dancing. It’s fun. It’s inexpensive. It’s good for the body and soul.

#5 Fast from complaining. We all spend too much time whining about how bad our lives are. Just stop!!! The negative energy is like a body on my back and I am going to release it. I can change things and you can too.

#6 Read something spiritual every day twice a day. I love reading my Bible and I am going to do more of it. I am encouraged by what the prophets went through and the promises God made to his people. This will be a part of my prayer life.

#7 Give, give, give. This is the year I am going to help somebody. Things aren’t what I want them to be but I can do my part to make them better for someone else. I don’t have to know them or like them.

#8 Forgiveness. That one word says it all. I am guilty on holding on to things that I have done and what has been done to me. Enough already! Our time is so limited here and anger is a prison sentence I don’t want to have. Forgiveness frees the mind, body and soul.

#9 Enjoy my life, friends, family and jobs. I am going to find something good about my world each day.

#10 Take a day of rest. God created the world in 6 days but on the 7th day He rested. I am going to take that day to rest and rejuvenate my mind, body and soul.

I would love to hear from readers their goals for 2011.


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