Bags of Gold

I was reading the Bible today during my devotional and I found the scripture in Mathew (Mathew 25:14-30) that talks about Bags of Gold. I define Bags of Gold as gift that God gives us to help others. Everyone has at least one but if we don’t use it for God’s will and glory it will be taken away from us.

The scripture says a rich man gave one servant 5 bags of Gold and another servant 2 bags of gold and the last servant one bag of gold. The first two servants doubled the rich man’s profits but the man with one man of gold hid it and basically didn’t use it. How often we as people do the same thing. God has given some the gift of prophesy, singing, dancing, music and cooking. It is up to us to discover how to use those gifts for God’s glory but too many of us don’t do this.

Bags o Gold

God gives everyone Bags of Gold. How will you use yours?

The Bible tells us that there will be an account of what we did with our Bags of Gold. I don’t want to have to tell God that I buried it. I am trying to use my Bags of Gold for His will and glory. Why We Dance came out of this and it is growing.

The organization is able to meet and exceed expectations despite the challenges. As I use my Bags of Gold I got more bags and I interact with more people.

My message to you today is use your Bags of Gold for God’s will and glory.


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