Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”

One of my favorite Whitney Houston video is “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. RIP Ms. Houston 1963-2012


Red Tails featuring singer/dancer NE-YO

I am a huge Ne-yo fan. I love the way he dances the positive lyrics in his music so when I heard that he was in RED TAILS it made me want to see the movie even more. I was among those who  rushed to see the movie on opening weekend. ImageI LOVEDDDDDDD the movie. The story is about the Tustekee Airmen and the director is Star Wars creator and director George Lucas. I enjoyed Star Wars and all the effects so I knew this would be a great movie. NE-YO, a compelling story and a celebrated director, what could possible go wrong???? It turns out a lot.

When I got tot the theater (Sony Loews, Mountainside) I told the cashier I wanted to see RED TAILS paid my money and went into the the theatre. Only I wasn’t in the theater for RED TAILS but another movie, Sherlock Holmes. I missed 20 minutes of RED TAILS.  I enjoyed the parts of the movie I did see but I wasn’t satisfied.

I went to the manager and explained that I was given the wrong ticket. He was reluctant to do anything because I had seen some of the movie. I pressed the issue because I paid $10.50 to see the entire film not miss the first 20 minutes. This nosy bystander who had no affiliation with the movie butted in and I kindly asked him to butt out. I was give a “free” pass to another showing but I was not satistfaced.


I requested that the ticket be adjusted to reflect RED TAILS and not another movie. The following week 3 PEOPLE SITTING NEXT TO ME ALSO GOT THE WRONG TICKET FOR RED TAILS.  I scalled the general manager the following Monday who explained that ticket wasn’t as relevant as I was making it out to be  because the films are paid for in advance. I kindly pointed out to her that ticket sales are used to determine ratings. I also wrote her a letter. I am writing this entry to let people know that they should always check their ticket stubs of movies. If they notice a mistakes take it up with the manager and have their tickets credit to correct movie. 

African-Amrericans in big budget Oscar worthy films are rare. Having an all-black cast is even rarer. And having a esteemed and highly respected director such as George Lucas sink millions of his own money into this type of film is rarest.