Celebrity Choreographer William “Willdabeast” Adams shares moves with students

Why We Dancers pose with William "Willdabeast" Adams and Tatianna J Dorsey.

Why We Dance students pose with William “Willdabeast” Adams and Tatianna J Dorsey at the Why We Dance 2013 festival, March 23, 2013.

The fifth annual Why We Dance event featured celebrity choreography William “Willdabeast” Adams who has traveled the world teaching and working with hip hop artists Usher, Busta Rhyms, T-Pain and Chris Brown. worked extensively choreographing hip hop videos, tours and dance television shows. Some of his television credits include appearing on America’s Best Dance Crew.

Why We Dance in conjunction with Maxson Middle School hosted a free hip hop workshop Saturday, March 23. The program began at 9:30 am with a workshop led by Tatianna J Dorsey. Willdabeast taught the 10:30 am workshop to the delight of the students. Registration was onsite.

Participants who took place in these two master hiphop classes free of cost due in part to a Union County HEART (History, Education, Art-Reaching-Thousands) grant and with support from the community.

Tatianna J was thrilled to take part in Willdabeast’s workshop. She is a local choreographer who has worked at camps and churches.

Tatianna Dorsey teaching at the Why We Dance 2013 Festival.

Close up of Tatianna J Dorsey leading hip hop class at the Why We Dance 2013 festival.

Why We Dance Director Candace Waller and Yateesha Davis pose with William "Willdabeast" Adams.

Why We Dance Director Candace Waller and Legendary choreographer Yateesha Davis pose with William “Willdabeast” Adams at the Why We Dance 2013 Festival.

“I loved his teaching style. He was interactive, personal and the choreography was easy to catch on. He also stressed having fun,” said Dorsey, who is studying criminal justice and dance at Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg. “Teaching with him was an honor and a blessing.” ..
Yateesha Davis Dance Director of the Legendary Dance team from Maxson Middle School and Candace Waller Dance Director of the Why We Dance team came together to put on this arts program for the community. The two dance teams will be dancing together on the track “Hello” from Mindless Behavior.

“It is so important that we have arts for the community,” Waller said. “Ms. Davis has a great group of students. She teaches them various forms of dance. Working with her and her dancers has been wonderful.”
Contact Candace Waller at 908.432.2003 or email whywedance@gmail.com for more information on this event.