Prince, Rest in Peace Purple Badness!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 7.50.20 PMApril 21, 2016 was the worst day of my life, my year. Prince Rodgers Nelson left this world. The mega star who could play multiple instruments and dance with such abandon was gone. How could that be? He was only 57 years old!

He leaves behind a legacy. He leaves behind wonderful music. He leaves behind a type of genius we won’t see in decades. He was totally dedicated to his craft writing and producing songs everyday. What he didn’t leave behind was a Will. I just hope whoever eventually gets control of his music rights respects and appreciates them

Prince worked so hard to be free. He wanted ownership of his music of his creativity. ┬áSo many artists bring so much joy for the masses and then live in poverty because they don’t own the rights to the music and/or art form they created.

We will miss you Prince.

P.S. BET really did a great job honoring your memory. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with us Prince. You have made us all so much better by your kindness, generosity and love for humanity. See you on the other side.


Dancing is Fun!

Dancing is one of the few things in life that doesn’t cost you anything bur you can reap so many benefits. The art of moving your body to music is so freeing. The first step to becoming good at dance is to just be free. Don’t worry about what people think or how you will look. Everybody has their own rhythm. We all move and we must continue to move or we will become stiff.

Dance makes us flexible and open to new ideas. Just get up and dance. I promise you will feel better. Do whatever you want to do. People who dance live healthier, happier lives.

Dance is Fun!